1. Why should I choose MicroForests over a local competitor?

MicroForests is different from any local competitors since it is first and foremost a social enterprise. Our mission is to empower “stay-at-home-moms” by teaching them a floral art skill so that they can become more self-sufficient. Doing so, we attempt to bridge the gap between the varying social classes, and also empower these moms that have been fighting social inequality in their daily lives.

Apart from our social mission, our products are of very high quality as well! Our plants are all imported, and our MicroForests designs are all handmade, one-of-a-kind and inspired by the Sogestu School of Japanese Floral Art.

2. How often do I have to water the Microforests?

Open-system: It is a perfect match with all gardening enthusiasts! Watering depends on the weather and humidity, it is recommended to observe the MicoForests often. If the plant is no longer wet, please watering the root and surface of the plant. And also adjust the watering level when winter or outdoor.

Closed-system: Basically there’s no need to water it at all! The closed system creates a self-sustaining ecosystem. As long as there is adequate light, the water inside will cycle, and the plant photosynthesis will provide nutrients. However, for some special feature MicroForests, such as M13, M14, LED series, water will be more easily to lose out through the wood lid should always observe it and adjust the watering level.

3. Who will be running the workshops?

Depend on different workshop themes, for example, professional corporate trainer will run the Teambuilding workshop. While MicroForests mother designers will participate as workshop tutor and logistics support. All the Mothers are proud graduates of our Life Transformation Program, and are certified terrarium designers. Attending one of our workshops is a great way to see our MicroForests mission in action.

4. Do we kill the plants we use?

Haha, always worrying about a plant killer? Whether it’s your own design or our design, we have a MicroForests artwork that meets your needs. By picking the right type of plants and mosses for your MicroForests artwork, it means that they can be designed to survive under very little water or lots of water. However, plants have a life cycle, we hope people can also focus on the connection and interaction between plants and humans,to experience the life cycle of plants to bring about an understanding of and to reflect on the life energy of plants.

5. Will my MicroForests attract flies and mosquitoes?

Our MicroForests feature a base foundation of sand and chalk to soak up the moisture so it is slowly released after time. Unless you turn the MicroForests into a MicroSwamp, there should be no issues with mosquitos or flies.

6. There is a small fruit fly in my MicroForests artwork! What do I do?

It looks like this fruit fly is an immigrant from Holland, where the plants are imported from! Since all our plants are organic and pesticide-free, there may be a small chance that there were some fruit fly eggs in the plants. Just open the lid of your container and let the fruit fly out to tour around in Hong Kong. It will not affect your plants.

7. It looks like my plants are wilting. Is this normal?

If the color of plant turns darker, t it means that it is too humid inside. All you need to do is open the container for some ventilation. However, If the plants are starting to wilt, or even moldy, we hope you can understand that all plants have a life cycle, just let it gone and the dead plants can nourish the MicroForests.

8. My plants are molding. What do I do?

If the plants are molding, this is a rare occurrence! Only 2% of the imported plants will have this type of bacteria. However, there is a small chance it could happen because all our plants are organic and pesticide-free. Take a picture and send it to us at hello@microforests.com or Whatsapp to 5543-2568 for further inspection.

9. I can only see the water droplets in the container. What do I do?

This is a good sign – it shows that the ecosystem is working. Each closed system artwork is like our earth, where it maintains moisture inside. The plants have their own photosynthesis cycle and releases vapor which turns into condensation as a water source for the plants. If you want to appreciate the artwork inside, you can always open the container and wipe off the water droplets with a little bit of tissue or towel.

10.It looks like the plants are growing out of my container. What should I do?

Congratulations, you’ve been taking care of it so well, that they are growing out of their home! It may seem cruel, but you can trim the plants if you like. It will not affect the growth or the plants’ health.

11. I saw these little turtles in the market. Can I put one in and make it into a turtle ecosystem?

Although cute, not recommended. We played around with this idea, and the MicroForests was all eaten in one week. If you like to make it a home for some critters, we suggest you place some inanimate critters for decorations, but definitely no live ones.

12. I will be gone for a while on a trip. Is this going to end up like my cactus after I come back?

MicroForests only need watering once a week. If you are going to be gone for a long time, we suggest watering it, and then sealing the top with some cling film. This will create a ‘closed ecosystem’ in which the water will remain in the MicroForests and not evaporate.

13. Could these workshops be held at different locations?

Depend of different themes of workshop, our team will go wherever you want the workshop to be held. We can customize workshops for a minimum of 12 to 200 participants. As long as it is a space that has ample table and chair room for the DIY-aspect of the workshop, we will be able to host it there.

14. How long do these Microforests last?

We hope you can understand that all plants have a life cycle, But In England, the longest life a MicroForests had was 66 years! Feel free to take a whiff out of the terrarium and it should smell fresh, like grass or a forest. If it no longer smells fresh, it will need some upkeep.

15. Is it hard to make a MicroForestS?

We can definitely teach you! Our Mother Designers lead each workshop and they are a fun and relaxing time for both females and males alike. Our workshops all include some background on the Japanese art of Sogetsu and then you will have your own chance to DIY!

16. Can I bring my own containers in the workshop?

Thanks for your environmentally friendly idea! Since not all containers are suitable for creating a MicroForests Artwork, please take a picture and send it to us for review at hello@microforests.com or Whatsapp to 5543-2568.

17. How I can bespoke a private workshop?

We are happy to hold a private workshop for a minimum of two. The minimum charge for a workshop is $800. We welcome you to to contact us at 5543-2568 for more details!

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