MicroForests are all organic, living plants. Even though they are very easy to take care of, here are some tips for you to help the plants thrive!

General caring tips

  1. Remember to trim the yellow leaves
  2. Avoid direct sunlight (does not need to be sitting under sunshine)
  3. Indoor lights are good as well
  4. Breathe in fresh air from the artwork

Open system


  1. Keep plant in ventilated area.
  2. Plants like light! Sunlight is best, indoor lights are also okay.
  3. Keep the soil slightly moist, but not soaked. Roots and leaves will rot if there is too much water.

General plants

  1. Always keep the soil slightly moist, watering every 2-3 days. Avoid stagnant water.
  2. A couple of hours of light each day is enough.

Closed system

  1. Once closed, the MicroForests will function as a self-sustaining ecosystem, so it’s very low maintenance.
  2. If it is too humid inside, open the lid and let some water out. Avoid stagnant water.
  3. Recommend to open the lid and let the artwork breathe in fresh air once or twice every two weeks.
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