Why MicroForests?

Our MicroForests workshops are design to help you relax and utilise your creativity. You benefit by:
• Going home with your very own MicroForest designed by you (the workshop fee covers the cost of your MicroForest)
• Helping underprivileged mothers by creating employment opportunities
• Have fun and meet new friends
• Relax and explore your creative potential

Why should I choose MicroForests over a local competitor?

MicroForests is different from any local competitors since it is first and foremost a social enterprise. Our mission is to empower “stay-at-home-moms” by teaching them a floral art skill so that they can become more self-sufficient. Doing so, we attempt to bridge the gap between the varying social classes, and also empower these moms that have been fighting social inequality in their daily lives.

Apart from our social mission, our artworks are also:


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