Green Hampers – Reinventing Festival Giving

Green Hampers are a socially-conscious alternative to the traditional gifts given during the Holiday Season. Why not give your loved ones a gift that symbolizes good health, fortune, and represents the beauty and longevity of nature?

Green Hampers represent a healthy lifestyle, happiness, and includes a one-of-a-kind MicroForests artwork, tailor-made by one of our Mother Designers. Each hamper purchased will support 1 week’s worth of groceries for the Mother Designer and her family.

Green Hampers come in three sizes from small, medium, and large.


  • Small: $980
  • Medium: 1580
  • Large: $1880

What comes with every purchase of a Green Hamper?

Each Green Hampers comes with fresh seasonal fruit, imported wine and cookies, and a unique Microforests artwork.

Our MicroForests artworks are created and designed by low income single mothers that are making their way back into the workforce.

Purchasing Green Hampers help support the careers of these thriving women that have found new opportunities working with MicroForests. Purchase a gift that will lifetime, and support women, their families’, and our community.

Let’s order to support us now !!

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