Microforests’s DIRECT social impact and measurement

MicroForests was established to positively impact the lives of low-income mothers who would otherwise struggle to find employment that would allow them to provide for their families. We measure five key areas of social impact that the program provides:

  • Family well-being
  • Social support network for the mothers
  • Social exposure
  • Self-confidence
  • Sense of competence

The results from our initial survey of our mother trainees indicates improvements in all five key areas. These measurements are important to us to help us refine our mission and prove results.





xioafang_testimonyTestimony from Zhu Xiaofeng, MicroForests Mother Designer

Ms. Zhu has lived in Sham Shui Po for the past seven years and visited Central for the first time to deliver a MicroForests workshop to a corporate client. For Ms. Zhu, visiting Central was an eye-opening experience that exposed her to another side of Hong Kong she had never seen before.

I realised that I am still a competent person and can make my own money… I am happy to have recovered my self-belief too. I didn’t think I could lead workshops at first because I loathe public speaking and Cantonese is not my mother tongue. But through Ms. Chow’s mentorship, I’m pleased I did it.”

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